• Interior, dining tables and seats
  • Interior, bar area
  • Exterior, patio tables and seating

Jubilee Joe's

About us

Back in 2004, Kash along with some classmates had decided to plan a restaurant for their senior-level marketing class at UAB. The project took the full course of the semester and after several grueling months of research they came up with an idea to start a seafood restaurant with a beach feel.

The final business plan was to be presented in front of a group of investors. Following the presentation, the investors stated that as long as the business plan was followed, it would be successful. Hearing their response they decided to give it a shot. They figured they would not have a hard time getting started as they had some connections with a large seafood supplier in Bayou La Batre, Louisiana.

The original concept had been to have a seafood market as well as a restaurant. So naturally, they started off as just a seafood market and decided to grow into the restaurant side. Once they started the restaurant side, however, business was kicking off well. The market side was eventually shut down to increase dining capacity.

Kash decided his mission was to emphasize authentic Cajun cooking based on fresh, good-quality seafood. We are proud to say that we serve all domestic products in the restaurant.

We did, however; take quite a hard hit from both Hurricane Katrina in 2005/2006 and the Gulf Oil Spill in 2010. Regardless of these setbacks, we’ve stayed true to our word and maintained the highest quality of seafood. Jubilee Joe’s has grown tremendously over the past years thanks to our loyal customers and many more new ones.